One Step Forward

We have just had our 4th Anniversary here at the shop. Believe it or not, that day passed, and then two more, before I even realized it. We have had an awesomely busy 2009 so far, thanks to all our great customers! Which brings me to my next point. I need a day off!
Most of you are used to dealing directly with me or, if you happen in on a Friday morning, my beautiful Daughter. I’m very happy to announce that, as of next week, I’m going to have a part time helper in the store. Her name is Lori, she is an experienced floral designer (who actually taught me) and I have known her for 15 years. So if you stop in the shop and I’m not here, don’t worry, you’ll still get great service, and I’ll be getting a much needed break.

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Last Weekend

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to go to camp last weekend. But now that the weekend is over I have to say it goes down in the books as one of the best ever! We had planned a trip to our camp in Tidioute with 3 other couples, a prime rib dinner and kayaking on the Allegheny. Rather than cancel it, we just changed the location. Our neighbors cooked the prime rib Saturday night, we all brought something, and sat around the camp fire and ate. It was great! Sunday we went to Church to see our son recognized for graduating from Grove City College (yeah!) then met up with our friends again. We went out to lunch, baled hay, watched our daughter and her boyfriend skydive (yikes!) and finally ended up kayaking on Lake Wilhelm in the evening. We saw lots of carp, herons, an osprey on her nest and even a raccoon. It was just a great time spent with good friends. Thanks Guys!

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