Alstroemeria, Peruvian lily

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Every once in awhile a flower shop should blog about flowers, right?

I wanted to start this series at the beginning of the alphabet.

One of my favorite flowers to use as a designer is the alstroemeria, or alstro.  It is also known as the Peruvian Lily.  It comes in a large variety of colors, covers a large area for the price per stem, and has a long vase life.  It can be used in an elegant arrangement as well as a wildflower arrangement and seems right at home in either.

Alstroemerias were named after baron Clas von Alstromer.  He brought the seeds to his teacher and friend Carl Linnaeus, a famous botanical taxonomist, in 1753 after a trip to South America.  Alstroemerias are a “bulbous” flower just like tulips.  They prefer very cool soil and are grown in cooler mountainous regions.

Alstroemeria are six-“petaled” and trumpet shaped, they usually have three to six blooms per stem.  They are usually spotted, striped, dappled, or yellow tinged and come in almost any color except blue.  Alstro are sensitive to ethylene gas so it is important to keep them away from fruit, decaying flowers or foliage, automobile exhaust and tobacco smoke.

We always have alstro in the cooler.  Stop in anytime to see this beautiful flower in person.

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