Who has time to blog?

I started this blog because I thought it would be a great way to let people know what was new in my business and my personal life, but I gotta tell ya, I’m having a hard keeping up with it! In the last few weeks I have had several occasions to reflect on my age. Now I’m really not one to moan and groan about birthdays and in my head I’m hardly more than 18, but last week I kept my 3 grandchildren from Tuesday through Sunday, and now I know why we have children when we are young! We had a great time, and they are very well behaved kids, but the energy level is way up there when they are around. I think I walked around in a daze for two days after they went home, glad that I was off the hook, and missing them at the same time. 

This weekend we had a wedding to attend. My little (OK not little anymore) neighbor boy got married. For 20 years he has been coming to our house, playing with our kids, trying to annoy me (that was his proclaimed goal during his visits) and now he is starting his own family. I think his Mother and I are both still in shock!  But time marches on, and he now has a very sweet wife.  Of course along with doing the flowers, we attended the wedding and I paid twice to dance with him because I couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to annoy him.  Congratulations Seth & Morgan!  May God richly bless both of you and your marriage.

About Terri

I have been married to Randy for 25 years. We have three children; Michelle, Christopher and Ashley, and three grandchildren. I have been a floral designer for 14 years and I have owned my own shop for 4 years.
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